About Don Wood

Don Wood is a left-handed man who believes that all food should be eaten from bowls. He is a vegetarian, semi-gourmet cook who tries to cook with one utensil: a dinner fork. When he is not touring as an internationally renowned country-western rap artist and astronaut (Hates rap, hates country, he never tours and is afraid of heights) Don is at his day Job as Director of Student Professional Development at Winston-Salem State University. (I bet you can’t guess where that is)

He is a local elder at his church and serves as the school board chair of his church’s K-8 school. He is married with two children. None of them wanted to be identified.

About The Right Lane
One day, many years ago, I was driving my play nephew home on one of the major highways in the DC area and as we drove along, he made a comment to my son that made me think. he said, “Uncle Don is the only person I know who drives the whole way in the right lane!” That stuck with me. I’m Mr. Right Lane. But I also thought that from a spiritual stand point, it’s not a bad place to be. Staying in the Right Lane as opposed to the wrong lane. The right lane leads to life and the wrong one to destruction.  So as I struggled to start this blog, I discovered during the setup that this thing needed a name. That’s when it hit me–The Right Lane: Making Life Make Sense.


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